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"Words Are Like People, It´s A Small Word After All"

By: Ernie Os
Sr. Teacher and Contributor at: image
Family, work, money, love, respect, food, happiness, what do all of these words have in common?
They seem to be in the same "family" of words and they even seem to be "back formations"(words that are formed directly from other words) of each other .
Family of words?
It sounds a little crazy but I think that words are like people.
Some words are more important than others even though they share the same language and society. For example the word "respect" is definitely more important than the word "probably"...
What about the word "love"?
If we could personify the word love, who do you think it could be, our mother? Our father? Probably. In a monarchy there´s always a king, a queen, and so on. Is this the same in a language?
Who could ever personify the words "Google", or "Apple"? Their creators of course, just like we are personified by our creator and our parents.
What person could personify the word "imagination" or the word "knowledge"?
That´s an easy question to answer in my book, Albert Einstein, and curiously he was the person who said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge"...
Today in our fragile and unpredictable world, we must be careful with our words.
It not not pleasant to hear words like "tragedy", or "crisis". Newspapers are about business not love.The more we feel bad for people and read about negativity around the world, the more we will buy them.
It´s time for sensitivity in the world, not sensationalism, no one is safe from tragedy or accidents.
"Words are more powerful than the sword." This is very true, take the life and accomplishments of Nelson Mandela...
Mandela was imprisoned for many years by the same government that he would later govern and rule.
He wrote many books while in prison and became a very educated and powerful force.
What word describes you? Really?
We all have the word in our brain but is it a word that we are proud of?
"Hi Mr. Untruthful, how was your day?"
"Greetings Ms. Miserable, how was your weekend?"
If people were words, What word would your best friend be?
Your boss? Your brother?
In a nation of words the president would probably be Mr. Liar.
Mr. "Money" would probably be a big businessman like the CEO of "Las Vegas Sands Corp." Sheldon Adelson, who is bringing the Las Vegas adult playground experience to Madrid. Every word, like every one of us, has an origin, and some words are much older than others. For me one word takes the cake, a "Golden Child" born in a University in California, a word that came into our lives in 1997 and has changed it forever, "Google".
The words "fire" and "water" are undoubtedly older than the word "Google".
"Google" is one baby that is here to stay.
(I wrote a blog post about "Google" and its origin previously, you can see it here...
Google is at the very top of the ladder in the world of words, it´s the prince waiting to be king or maybe the most popular person in the world.
Google is like a movie star that everyone talks about everyday, Mr. Google definitely drives a Ferrari and lives in Marbella.
What about the word "Hate"?
Who could personify this word? Hopefully not you or anyone that you know.
For me Hate is perfectly personified by Adolf Hitler, we all know why.
I remember when Mrs. Example (my mom), told me not to hang around with "Loser" and "Bad Habit" and to do my homework, things would have definitely been different for me.
Some words are more difficult to understand than others, like people on the other side of an international conference call.
In a world of uncertainty we can only control what we do, let´s try to be careful and sensitive with our words before we give them life in an email or letter...
Google woke up in his Marbella chalet and drove to the local coffee shop to have breakfast with Beautiful.
All she could talk about was how Mr. Despicable, her boss, made life difficult for her everyday.
She had talked to her friends Sunshine and Extravagant about changing jobs the night before.
They suggested that she call Mr. Right at his office and ask him if there was an opening at the law firm.
Google was only daydreaming about "Precious", the waitress who was specially nice that morning.
Beautiful was in a hurry to finish her omelet she was five minutes away from her English class with "Unpredictable", her Telephone Teacher from San Diego.
She was very excited...
What would they talk about next? 

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